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CNT Solution is a mobile app development company based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. We specialized in mobile apps development that runs perfectly on iOS and Android Platforms. We have experience mobile app developers for iOS & Android apps development. We are an interactive and highly professional agency that focuses on truly collaborative Mobile Apps Development along with brand making. We provide creative, functional, customization mobile apps for iOS & Android and web based application solutions to new start-ups, small medium businesses (SMB), government agencies and corporates. We craft user-centric UI/UX design to provide a smooth experience to each end-user.

We are offering: Android apps developmentiPhone apps development and iOS apps development. Technologies we are mastering over: Objective C, Java, Android SDK, IOS SDK, Third party API, different payment gateway etc.

Haven’t gone mobile yet? It’s never too late. Trust CNT Solution to advise on, create and build the perfect mobile strategy for your business.

What is our expertise?

We customized solutions for different needs with the highest quality possible.



We are ready to dive deep into your business' challenges and objectives to research and development of the latest mobile technology and features to suit your budget and timeline. Based on the study with our experience, we develop and implement your mobile apps.


We have more than a decade of project experience in mobile app application and web based application development. Our mobile app developers are fully aware of all the safety and security issues which are of key concern to all business people. We will protect your interests. CNT Solution has years of experience in the field of mobile applications. You can count on our expertise to help you get exactly what you want; including value for money.


Every company has unique business requirements that shape their need for robust backend development and integration. We offers a full range of innovative web development and web integrated solutions that employ powerful tools such as XML, PHP, JSON and more to promote your business and enhance communication such as data synchronization deployment by our in-house build ETL solutions.

A lot of our work focuses on backend development where key priorities are security, performance and sustainability. Our exceptionally skilled developers write code which adheres to our internal guidelines and best practice. Quality, integrity and security are guaranteed.

We build and integrate our custom solutions with other products, including back-end systems such as web services, databases, customer relationship management applications, customer loyalty management applications and more. Our team can provide cost-effective and rapidly deployable web development and web integration solutions allowing you to leverage the communication potential of the Internet.



Native mobile app development is smartphone software developed with specific programming language. In iOS we develop native app with Objective C or Swift. Whereas in Android, we program with Java and Android Studio. Native mobile app has better performance and user experience than other types of development such as hybrid app developed with specific UI frameworks.

Suitable for projects:

  • High performance is required.
  • Native UI allows users to quickly learn the app.
  • Access to device hardware/software (GPS, location, shake, calendar, etc.)
  • Better user experience.
  • Higher development budget and may take longer to develop.

As compared to native mobile app, the hybrid mobile apphas advantages on cost of development. Due to the portability of source code hybrid mobile app development can easily deploy on multiple platforms.

Suitable for projects:

  • Portability (one code base, multiple platforms).
  • Access to various hardware/software capabilities (through plug-ins).
  • Moderate user experience.
  • Cheaper origination costs and faster (initial) speed to market.


Mobile Parking Solution Components

Parking Mobile App (Android, iOS & Portal)
  • Prepaid Parking Credit Wallet
  • Top-up Parking Credit via Integrated Payment Gateway
  • Auto Detection Parking Area by GPS Geofence Technology
  • Pay Parking by Phone Mobile App
  • Extend Parking by Phone Mobile App
  • Pay Parking for Friends Feature- Buy Monthly Pass
  • Family Parking Credit Sharing
  • Active Parking & Compound History
  • Pay for Parking Compound
  • Print Parking Receipt
  • Push Notification
Mobile Short Messaging Service Parking
  • Pay Parking by Mobile SMS
  • Extend Parking by Mobile SMS
  • Check Parking Period- Check Parking Credit Available in Wallet
  • Mobile SMS Notification
Agent Mobile App (Android, iOS & Portal)
  • Agent's Parking Credit Wallet
  • Top-up Agent's Parking Credit via Integrated Payment Gateway
  • Sell Parking Credit For Customer (Top-up / Pay Parking)- Sell Monthly Pass (Reserved / Non-Reserved) For Customer
  • Print Parking Receipt
  • Customer Registration

Enforcement Mobile App (Android)
  • Enforcer Group & Profiling
  • ANPR Scan Vehicle License Plate
  • Issue Parking Compound with Capture Images
  • Pay Parking Compound
  • Operation Individual / Team Mode
Backoffice Management System
  • Customer Profiling Management
  • Agent Profiling Management
  • Parking Operator Profiling Management
  • Enforcer Profiling Management
  • Enforcer Tracking Management- Parking Transaction Management
  • Monthly Pass Management
  • Parking Compound Management
  • Order Management
  • System Reports
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